Thursday, 8 June 2017

Favourites - May!


Netflix: 13 Reasons Why

My first favourite of this month is the gripping Netflix series '13 reasons why' which follows a group of teens who have been left a set of tapes by a dead girl on why she killed herself. The series covers serious issues that need to be more prominent and non-tabooed in today's society. How even one small action may end up affecting another person in a large way. It didn't take me long to finish all 13 episodes (one for every side of each tape) as the more I watched the more I wanted to know more. Although only one series long they have just confirmed a second series and I cannot wait for them to release it, hopefully it will be just as good as the first season.

Netflix: Riverdale

If you like your 'Pretty Little Liars' mystery type series then add Riverdale to your 'watch later'. I loved the first season of this series and again cannot wait for the second. Starting with a teen going missing, every episode the plot thickens. Theirs nothing must more I can say without giving away anything.

        Mac Lipstick: Velvet Teddy

This isn't just a monthly favourite but an all time favourite of mine. Although it doesn't stay on as long a liquid lipstick it still made it to my list. I'm a lover of brown shades and this is the perfect brown shade, it's not too dark and it's not too light. It will therefore go with a large range of makeup looks and clothing choices. Daytime or Night time.

Two Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick: Sell out

Unlike a lot of liquid lipsticks I have used in the past this two faced one was a lot lighter on the lips. Making it a lot more enjoyable to wear. The colour again is a light shade of brown and the sustainability is amazing! I just love all Two Faced products.

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer

My last primer had a bad habit of making my skin oily so I was desperate to find a new one that I liked and that worked. Luckily I went to the Urban Decay counter when these ha just been restocked as I hear they are very popular and sell out fast. I now see why this is the case. The smooth paste feels soft on the face and a little goes a long way. It really does keep the other products on my face.

Tropics Vitamin Toner (Pore Refining Mist)

One spray of this on my tires-ass face in a morning makes me feel 10 time more awake. Brilliant for when I've had a late night or not slept well. I apply this before my moisturiser and my eyes open slightly more.

Converse All star, black high tops

I've worn these shoes ALL month! With skinny jeans, mom jeans, short and skirts. They're comfy and they're black to they go with most things. I also feel a lot cooler in them than when I wear my plain white leather converse.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

A pair of Embroidered Shoes.

While I was shopping for some holiday bits and pieces at the weekend these beautiful shoes caught my eye, and I knew I had to have them.
The embroidery on the heel and straps is what I love most but the fact that they're comfy and are a perfect fit made me even more sure of my decision to buy them.
They also feature a variety of colours on a black suede background and will therefore go with any colour outfit, as long as it's on the plain side. I can't wait to wear them!

These beauties are from River Island...
(Mine aren't wide fit but for some reason those are the only ones available online)

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Living by the Lakes: I went back to Ambleside!

After handing in my last assignment for university I seem stuck on things to do on my days off! So one day last week I made a list of all the places I wanted to go, and mountains and fells I wanted to climb within Cumbria and the Lake District. I mean I do wish to go further afar, but for now, when I have a single day off and not much time to get somewhere I have my little list. I also want to appreciate and take advantage of where I live, it is after all rather beautiful!

My day off this week however didn't go to plan, we took off on a 35 minute drive to 'Ambleside'.This could have been a great day but the weather was not on our side! It rain (poured down) all day and it was impossible to walk around without getting drenched. My friend had to buy a rain poncho. So we ate some food in 'the tavern' (I think it was called); popped in a few shops, a couple of great sweet and chocolate shops, I would recommend trying some Kendal Mint cake and headed home. I still managed to get a few snaps, mainly of the little house on the bridge.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Living by the Lakes: Aira Force and a suprise trip up Kirkstone Pass ending in Ambleside

This day started as a little days out to visit Aira Force, a waterfall walk just next to Ullswater lake, perfect for a sunny day. This was a nice walk in itself, nothing to strenuous or tiring.

After which we were left hungry and so set off driving in search for somewhere to eat. However, when coming to a T-Junction at the lake, we proceeded to turn right (the wrong decision, we should of turned left). As we followed the road, which we soon found did not go around the lake as we'd presumed, we found ourselves in a narrow road leading between two mountains and nowhere and noway to turn around. We later found this was 'Kirkstone Pass' (The highest pass open to vehicles). The drop is high and the road is narrow so encountering a bus coming the opposite way was rather worrying. The road eventually brings you out in the town of Windermere (in the south of Cumbria).

The weekend is definitely the worst time to visit somewhere like Windermere as it is flocked with tourists. No car parks, and people everywhere meant we made a quick decision to carry on to the next town. So after queuing to exit the car-park we headed towards 'Ambleside'. Ambleside was still busy, but quieter than Windermere. Here we found a pub, had some Sunday lunch and drove home, via an alternative route which led us through Keswick.

Getting lost in the Lake District has led me to two conclusions. Firstly, it's good to know that even if you do get lost, the views are still amazing and secondly, the locals are friendly! (*wink face).

# To see more Lake District Adventures, I filmed a bunch of walks I went on in January and February and put them in a little video, found here:

Friday, 1 April 2016

Living by the Lakes: Castle Cragg

Castle Cragg is situated just slightly south of Keswick. Climbing up wasn't too bad, there was a lot of slate and it was rather steep but not too tricky. Its only a small climb, but the view is still fantastic!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Dublin in a Day

My breakfast at the airport was way to good not to take a photo of!

With flight prices being so cheap, me and and my house mate decided to take a spontaneous trip to Dublin. We would fly from Newcastle in the morning and be back by lunch time the next day. By the time we landed, in what was one very large airport, in Ireland, it was around 11.00; it didn't take us long to find our hostel, after taking the shuttle bus into town and already we'd fallen in love numerous times with anyone who spoke because how lush is the Dublin accent?!

After a little walk into and around town we found the tourist office and decided to get on a tour bus as it would be the best way to see everything in the short amount of time we were there; this stopped at all the main touristy attractions including the Guinness factory and the zoo!

In town, we popped into the Disney shop to look at the Irish range and Mickey Mouse Leprechauns. I want it all!

That night after tea, we sat in a few pubs at temple bar, and witnessed exactly what we thought Dublin would be like. A pint in hand and singing along to a fella with a guitar. Whiskey in the jar, The Irish Rover. Brown eyed girl. We sang to the early hours of the morning and then walked home to the hostel as we had a very early flight to catch in the morning.

It was a very short trip but a very good one! and i would love to go back and see more of this beautiful country!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Living by the Lakes: Keswick

I live on the outskirts of the Lake District in Cumbria. It's just a small drive until you get right into the mountains and spot your first lake. As you drive in the scenery is just like a painting, so beautiful and I feel privileged to live so close to such a beautiful place.

One of the popular towns to visit in the north of the county is 'Keswick', so when one of my friends came up to visit, that is were we decided to go. All the small shops and cafes and pubs are so quaint and friendly, I love how most also welcome dogs in too. I've been to Keswick many a time so I tried to get in as much touristy things for my friend as I could. First stop 'The Puzzling Place'. A little museum full of illusions and tricks. I love things like that.I won't tell you everything that's in their and ruin it but here's one we tried out...

The lakes Ice-cream is delicious but their flavour 'Thunder and Lightning' tops everything. To describe it, I would say... Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate and honeycomb swirls. A Must Try!! ...So we did! and then headed down to the Lake that sits at the edge of Keswick; Derwent Water. On a summers day its nice to get a rowing boat out or have trip on the passenger boats to the other side and walk back round taking in the scenery.

These views will never cease to amaze me.