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Adventuring in Asia: Vietnam (Part 1)

To begin our Vietnamese adventure we flew to Hanoi. That first night, we booked to leave in the morning - not because we didn't like it BUT to go on a cruise of Ha long Bay. This was organised by the hostel in Hanoi. I have nothing else to say about Halong Bay other than do it!

The views are beautiful - so worth it! We did a 1 night cruise, seen all the little islands, mahoosive jellyfish and went canoeing and then headed back to our hostel in Hanoi.

Here I found two loves: 'BAHN MI' (a Vietnamese sandwich) and 'PHO' (a noodle soup type dish). And this is what I would live off for the next 19 days. Because I was addicted to both.

Hanoi was a must stop although not my fave place in Vietnam - the roads were so busy and one girl in our hostel room had her phone snatched out of her hand in the street by someone on a motorbike/ scooter. What really is beautiful though is the amount of children who just want to speak English with you. Whilst here we made visits to a loc…

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