Visiting Friends: A few days in Liverpool!

I went last Thursday to visit my friend in Liverpool, who is at University down there. Considering she's been down in Liverpool for 4 years now I thought it was about time and I will most definitely go back, it was such an enjoyable weekend. She showed me the university buildings and where she goes everyday etc. Its strange when you think about it how, while your just blindly getting on with your things that you need to do everyday you forget everyone else is doing the same, doing things that they need to do. We got some food and drink in and witnessed, what could of been a fatal disaster where a man ran out in the road and bounced off the hood of a car going the opposite way. (He was okay, don't worry) Followed by a scream-athon in McDonald's where a customer was being just, what I can only describe as ridiculous.The sights of Liverpool, amazing!
I obviously needed to sample the night life while I was their so that night we went to a few bars, including a tequila bar where I tried a Summer Fruits tequila, which was surprisingly so nice! I want another! As well as enjoying a good boogie (to Craig David, my fave).
In the morning, we made bacon sarnies and got ready to head into town. We walked through Liverpool one, where all the shops are located but it was way too busy for any of our likings and so we made our way through to the other side and onto the Docks. Where I took one of the only pictures of the weekend..

I was taken to the Museum of Liverpool but we got hungry so left and found a small little place where we ate before I had to head off home. Not before noticing though, the birds in the dock. I really surprise myself how easily amused I can be, The birds or ducks, i'm not quite sure which, were on the water and then would suddenly dive for fish. But they were under there for so long and sometimes when they reappeared on the surface you caught a glimpse of the fish they had just caught! Oh Nature.!