Dublin in a Day

My breakfast at the airport was way to good not to take a photo of!

With flight prices being so cheap, me and and my house mate decided to take a spontaneous trip to Dublin. We would fly from Newcastle in the morning and be back by lunch time the next day. By the time we landed, in what was one very large airport, in Ireland, it was around 11.00; it didn't take us long to find our hostel, after taking the shuttle bus into town and already we'd fallen in love numerous times with anyone who spoke because how lush is the Dublin accent?!

After a little walk into and around town we found the tourist office and decided to get on a tour bus as it would be the best way to see everything in the short amount of time we were there; this stopped at all the main touristy attractions including the Guinness factory and the zoo!

In town, we popped into the Disney shop to look at the Irish range and Mickey Mouse Leprechauns. I want it all!

That night after tea, we sat in a few pubs at temple bar, and witnessed exactly what we thought Dublin would be like. A pint in hand and singing along to a fella with a guitar. Whiskey in the jar, The Irish Rover. Brown eyed girl. We sang to the early hours of the morning and then walked home to the hostel as we had a very early flight to catch in the morning.

It was a very short trip but a very good one! and i would love to go back and see more of this beautiful country!