Living by the Lakes: Aira Force and a suprise trip up Kirkstone Pass ending in Ambleside

This day started as a little days out to visit Aira Force, a waterfall walk just next to Ullswater lake, perfect for a sunny day. This was a nice walk in itself, nothing to strenuous or tiring.

After which we were left hungry and so set off driving in search for somewhere to eat. However, when coming to a T-Junction at the lake, we proceeded to turn right (the wrong decision, we should of turned left). As we followed the road, which we soon found did not go around the lake as we'd presumed, we found ourselves in a narrow road leading between two mountains and nowhere and noway to turn around. We later found this was 'Kirkstone Pass' (The highest pass open to vehicles). The drop is high and the road is narrow so encountering a bus coming the opposite way was rather worrying. The road eventually brings you out in the town of Windermere (in the south of Cumbria).

The weekend is definitely the worst time to visit somewhere like Windermere as it is flocked with tourists. No car parks, and people everywhere meant we made a quick decision to carry on to the next town. So after queuing to exit the car-park we headed towards 'Ambleside'. Ambleside was still busy, but quieter than Windermere. Here we found a pub, had some Sunday lunch and drove home, via an alternative route which led us through Keswick.

Getting lost in the Lake District has led me to two conclusions. Firstly, it's good to know that even if you do get lost, the views are still amazing and secondly, the locals are friendly! (*wink face).

# To see more Lake District Adventures, I filmed a bunch of walks I went on in January and February and put them in a little video, found here: