Island Hopping in Croatia, Part 2

For the first full day in Hvar, we hired a car. This was an experience as neither of us had driven abroad before and took a while to get used to. Our Air BnB hosts were kind enough to give us a route with recommendations of their favourite places on the Island of Hvar. My favourite was a our first stop in the abandoned ghost town of 'Malo Grablje' - worth a visit.

Although most of the place is abandoned and overgrown their is a small restaurant run by one man. This restaurant is only open on certain days at certain times and only serves one dish per day. The small church is also kept in good condition by the people of the town along. Another stop we made was at the town of 'Stari Grad'.

After returning back to Hvar town, we climed to the top of the big hill too look around the castle and then went for tea at a restaurant recommended by the AirBnB owners and then got ready to sample the Hvar nightlife - A brilliant night out! (Although I swear strange experiences follow me everywhere!).

After arising late the next day, due to the night out, we took a short water taxi trip to the nearest of the 'Paklinski Islands - Jerolim', Costing 12Kn. This is a nudist island - but you dont have to be a nudist to enjoy the rocky beach. The rain later in the afternoon drove us back to the mainland and we enjoyed a delicious evening meal at a restaurant called 'Spice' - the spring rolls are to die for!
On our last day we had plans just to stay on the island and find a nice place to lay in the sun on the coast - However the beach clubs, with extortionate prices for a sunbed and rocky coast line made it impossible to fin anywhere to perch! So we ended up getting a water taxi again, this time to the next Paklinski island along. Although here we found the same problem with sunbeds and rocks as it is again more or a party island - but a walk around a few corners led us to a small cove where we stayed for a few hours before wandering a bit further to find 'mlini beach'.

Upon returning to Hvar, grabbing our bags and some food and waiting for our next boat we were greeted with the news that the boat to our next island 'Vis' had been cancelled. This resulted in jumping on the last boat to Split, finding an AirBnb for the night and then getting the first boat to Vis the next morning.

At 11:00am the boat departed from Vis and the bus was waiting to take us to the opposite side of the island, where we were staying in the small town of 'Komiza'. The island of Vis only became open to foreigners in the year 1989, before this it was used as a naval base and thus has a lot of hidden gems. If we had longer here I would have loved to do one of the organised tours across the island. With a short visit on Vis we decided to use our one full day to book ourselves on an excursion to the blue caves on the uninhabited island of Bisevo - definitely worth the trip. The company we chose to go with also took us to the green caves and a small secluded beach. With some time to spare, we got pizza, yet again more ice cream and then headed to the bus stop for the bus to take us back to the other side of the island for the boat to split.

The first morning in Split consisted of a guided tour inside the old town walls. Very informative and found certain things that I wouldn't have thought twice about walking past actually had history or a meaning. You can then pay to go underneath the walls and for any GoT fan's this is where you can see the cave which Daenarys keeps her dragons. It looks exactly the same.

We also, wanted to book ourselves onto a bus to go to the Krka national park - and were met with the reality that these buses book up fast! Managing to book onto one just before lunch, getting us there around 1:00pm, so the next day that is where we went.
Krka was amazing. The fresh water was so nice to swim in and after getting a boat to the waterfall, walking round, having a sunbath and a swim (not sure if swimming is how to describe it as the water is filled with large boulders and rocks so its a swim and a step), we decided to walk back to the bus rather than get the boat which didn't take long! Definitely one of my favourite days.

The next day was our last day. It was a chilled day. Exploring the small street of Split in the City walls and jumping on a boat that went up and down the coast of Split and back. The taxi transfer then picked us up to take us to the airport to fly home! And getting back to the cold English weather was a shock to the system!