Living by the Lakes: Cat bells and Lunch in Keswick

I had a rather enjoyable time walking up Catbells the other morning! Note i use 'Rather'! It was so so windy.
Catbells didn't take too long to conquer due to its steepness, although be careful of the false summit - That actually means your only half way to the top. Just before the false summit and the real summit there are a lot of rocks and require a little climb rather than a walk. At one point I was on my hands and knees.There not too tricky although would be possibly on an icy or rainy day when the rocks may be a little slippy!

If you continue to walk along the top rather than go back you can cut off before going up the next mountain and down some steps and back around rather than scaling back down the rocks - this is a much easier way to get down.
After the walk and heading back to the car we took a couple minute drive into nearby Keswick for some food. I had definitely worked up an appetite.  
We decided on the 'Dog and Gun' for Steak Pie and Mash - is there anything better than some pub grub after a nice morning walk?

Although full, we then, somehow ended up in Cafe 26 for warm brownie and Ice-cream! Sat right next to the fire! What dream are made of!